Credit Policy

We at Day Equipment try to provide our customers with the best possible service and quality at the fairest price. Any complaints are handled promptly and adjusted fairly. In all of our dealings with you as a customer, you can be assured of fair and ethical handling of your orders. Our doors are always open to discuss any problems you may have.

Our credit policies are the same for all orders, from minimum to truckload. Payment made within ten days of invoice date results in a 1% discount of merchandise. Payment made within thirty days of invoice date would be net. Customers that are repeatedly late in payment may be put on Cash in Advance or C.O.D. terms. We accept all major credit cards.

Thank you for considering us as a source for your requirements We look forward to serving you in the future and hope our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Best Regards,

Mitchell A. Day, President
Day Equipment

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